There is a quiet room facing south on the fourth floor of an old brick
loft building in TriBeCa. Outside, beyond double-hung windows,
there resides the clatter of downtown, a zinger of a view of
the Woolworth Building, and below, in shadow,
a busy gym with rows of New Yorkers hurrying to
stay apace with speeding treadmills.
Inside the quiet room, at the foot of a chair,
a little terrier snoozes and two people,
sometimes three or more, sit, talk, and listen –
conducting the mysterious discipline
of psychotherapy.

Like Freud’s office, mine is in my home.
It contains the tools of my trade:
two chairs, a couch, an
inclination to listen,
a philosophy of respect
and a desire to understand.
If you care to, we can devote
time here together to work that might
change both our lives.

Will Meyerhofer, JD LCSW-R

individual, group and couples psychotherapy, located in TriBeCa

43 Murray Street, #3A
New York, NY 10007-2217


***Please use email to reach me – I have on occasion been unable to respond to inquiries when I couldn’t understand a recorded voice message – thank you.

Telephone: 212.786.9203
Cell: 646.733.8707

Skype ID: wmeyerhofer

NOTE: Please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice of reschedule or cancellation to avoid a charge for a missed session.