Hearing Yourself

My clients come from diverse backgrounds, young and old, men and women, gay and straight, artists and businesspeople. I am a former corporate lawyer and marketing executive in the book-selling world, and I respect and celebrate the varied backgrounds of the people who walk through my door. Some arrive depressed, some joyful and some in-between. All share the desire to hear themselves and to gain a broadened personal awareness.

The assignment in A Quiet Room is simple: to put your thoughts and feelings into words. Our shared purpose is to make your acquaintance, to listen and learn so you can achieve your most authentic self, fulfill your dreams and live in contentment, conscious of your full range of feeling.

Integrative Psychotherapy seeks an integration of the unconscious into the conscious, a percolation from within, an unmasking of the self. Our goal is to hear buried voices, to notice aspects of being that occur on autopilot, gifts that are denied, songs of the heart that go unheard.

Who is your most authentic self? What do you long to achieve? Whom do you love, and how do you express that love? Working together, we can explore these and other questions integral to the life you lead and the person you present to the world around you.

I like people. I try to see what’s best in them. Most of the time, when I don’t click with somebody or I find them hard to be with, it’s because they don’t really know themselves. They are unaware of the feelings bombarding them, the patterns they are unknowingly playing out.

There is a French saying: Tout comprendre, tout pardonner.

To understand completely is to forgive completely.

Becoming conscious of who you are – your authentic, best self – and how you thnk and feel, permits you to follow this prescription.

First you understand yourself.

Then you forgive yourself.

Then you can move on to love and care for yourself and others.

From Life is a Brief Opportunity for Joy

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