Life is a Brief Opportunity for Joy

I am a psychotherapist, with an office in New York City. As I work with patients and listen to their stories, I search for themes that define the human condition.

These themes have melded into a philosophy centered upon living with joy.

No book can substitute for the process of psychotherapy.

But I hope these ideas will introduce you to the work of self-discovery at the heart of that experience.

From the introduction to Life is a Brief Opportunity for Joy

Being in the field, I’m always looking for helpful resources for people considering therapy. In Mr. Meyerhofer’s book, I have found one. At it’s best, this book is not so much a “how to” manual on organizing life, but a keen insight as to how the mind works.

This book opens up a space for curiosity, beyond what we feel we know. It offers a peak into how one’s unconscious mind profoundly influences our choices and situations. Unexamined, the unconscious lands us in the exact circumstances we find most painful.

Will writes clearly and succinctly about the hidden parts of the mind, allowing the reader fresh understanding. It opens a space in one’s thinking, that can lead to great shifts and happiness.

This book teaches the lay person how to be psychologically-minded, a great and useful gift.

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