Bad Therapist: A Romance

This is the story of a mild-mannered psychotherapist living in New York City who falls in love with a blue alien from outer space.

Some Critical Response:

Like Voltaire or Swift, Will Meyerhofer uses the charming, coherent and believable fantasy of Bad Therapist to spin a fable as well as to comment upon and question our increasingly techie-psycho-babble society. It’s all lighter than air but its surprises are many and they are never less than delightful.

Felice Picano

The writing style, overall, is unique and riveting. The main character is self-deprecating at times, always blunt and honest, and occasionally defensive in a very human sort of way. Which is a long way of saying it was very easy to connect to and relate with him. The writing itself is beautiful. The descriptions are simple, but clear enough to give the reader a solid image of what is going on. One of the charms of this story is the fact that the sci-fi elements are so simple and clean cut. Will Meyerhofer doesn’t spend any time dealing with extraneous worlds or politics, other than to give humorous details about different cultures or to explain how they connect to the characters on a personal basis. He paints the different worlds with confident and clean brush strokes and it serves his story very well. It’s a bit absurdist and mostly a vessel for the author to give colorful insights and observations into human society and behavior. Enter The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and the whale and bowl of petunias colliding with the planet’s surface. This is an excellent blend of romance, humor, and a smattering of science fiction–it’s funny, it’s ridiculous, but it comes with a lot of heart and soul and humanity as well.

Morgan Hufstader

Bad Therapist: A Romance is available as an ebook or paperback via Amazon and and as an eBook in the Apple ibookstore.

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