Way Worse Than Being a Dentist

In reality, compared to lawyers (at least in terms of career satisfaction) – dentist frolic through meadows of singing daisies. Dentists romp and gambol and cavort. They cut capers. And that’s an average day at the office. For dentists, life is beautiful.

Drill, baby, drill.

Lawyers are the ones who hate their jobs, and as a result, their lives. The secret of lawyer misery just hasn’t leaked out to the general public. Not yet.

That’s why I wrote this book. So everyone can share the news.

Excerpt from Way Worse Than Being a Dentist

At this point, the United States and much of the world sits afloat a vast effluvium – a bloody hemorrhage of unhappy lawyers.

It’s a bad scene.

THEREFORE; This book is intended to sound an alarm about the state of law as a profession.

I’ve tried to keep things light, but there’s a serious side, too.

Something has to be done. People are getting hurt.

Another excerpt from Way Worse Than Being a Dentist

Some Critical Response:

Will is a very sexy man and an amazing writer…He speaks truth.

Kashmir Hill

Genius…Pure Genius.

Elie Mystal

There is no finer mind in all of American jurisprudence.

David Lat

…his insights into the underbelly of the profession are without peer.


Way Worse Than Being a Dentist is available as an ebook or paperback via Amazon and BN.com and as an ebook in the Apple ibookstore. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be applied to repaying school loans.

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